About PlantifulYum

About PlantifulYum

What does your recipe book look like? Well, mine had the cover half-eaten by a labradoodle named Cody, who sees intact paper as a vital shredding project. It had a cup of coffee spilled on it by my husband, who proceeded to blame the dog. It has innumerable oily spots on most pages, the origins of each now untraceable. It’s had loose pages scattered throughout the backyard by wind, then rained on, so that every page not written in waterproof ink was smeared beyond comprehension. The list of mishaps goes on and on.

I’m a software developer by trade. You’d think that paper wouldn’t have been my first choice for storing recipes, but here we are. Following an overdue revelation that the internet might be more dog and weather-proof, my ongoing recipe creations will now be recorded in this blog.


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I’m Iva, and I love to eat tasty food that, besides being plant-based, is not dietarily limited in any way. When it comes to food, I believe that moderation coupled with exercise opens up room for delicious indulgence. My recipes strive for maximum flavour; even if that means using flour, sugar, or soy. At PlantifulYum, we have but one simple objective: to turn wonderful plant-based ingredients into food that makes you say “Yum.”