We’re LIVE!

We’re LIVE!

I can't believe the day that we publish this website is finally here. We've worked hard over the past year trying to bring this one crazy idea into reality, and are eager to share it with everyone as it evolves. This is just the beginning!

As it goes with most projects in life, there is usually a team of people behind the scenes supporting you, and helping every step of the way. To all of you, I'd like to say one huge thank you for everything you’ve already done! Thank you for putting up with us staying with you at various stages of this project, on different continents; for letting us occupy your kitchens; for being guinea pigs, and tasting our recipes in various stages of development; for providing feedback, ideas, suggestions, and article clippings; for helping with cooking tips, photography guidance, and website set-up tricks. And a special, humongous, thanks to Ry; for having the idea, being patient through long hours of cooking and photography, for helping with cutting, stirring, tasting, and editing - without you there wouldn't have been PlantifulYum!

We'll be posting new recipes often, as well as occasional updates about what we’re up to in the Blog section for those interested. You could say we’re are at a crossroads in our lives; doing some, we think, exciting, perhaps crazy new things. So stay tuned if you'd like to hear more about it, and go on this journey with us. And of course, if you enjoy what you’re cooking and seeing from these pages, please Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Google+!

If you'd like to read more about PlantifulYum, please visit the About PlantifulYum page.