Blackberry Pie Smoothie Bowl

Blackberry Pie Smoothie Bowl

About 6 months ago, we left Canada. While moving abroad is full of excitement, it also comes with its share of challenges. It takes a while to get used to the pace and style of living, different culture and mentality of the people, even different offerings at the grocery stores and farmer’s markets. We’re starting to feel like we better understand the local way of life, and one thing that sticks out to me is the fact that people here eat produce that is in season, with few exceptions.

I like the notion of eating only in-season produce as it is the freshest and tastiest, and the idea that you’re feeding your body in tune with nature makes so much sense to me. But I found myself longing for Spring to arrive lately. I am so looking forward to that first strawberry, radish, or spring onion to show up in farmer’s markets, which is making my trips to check more frequent. I know it’s too early, but you never know what you might find there.

Yesterday was an exceptionally nice and warm day here, and it inspired me to go and see what the neighborhood farmer’s market had to offer. It was still too early for my spring produce to be there, but I found some spinach. It was greenhouse grown for sure, but still fresh spinach that didn’t cost half a month's rent. I had to have it. And I had to have a smoothie with it included. This was an odd craving, but my body was obviously lacking something. Spinach in hand, combined with my love of desserts and the blackberries I found in the freezer, a recipe for a Blackberry Pie Smoothie Bowl was born.

I don’t particularly like drinking my breakfast or lunch. Putting the smoothie into a bowl and eating it with a spoon does a great job of tricking my brain into thinking that I am really eating something, which makes for a more enjoyable and filling meal. I like topping a smoothie with nuts, raisins, and granola for a few more calories, not to mention something to chew on. The result was just what my body was asking for, a nutritious meal with some fresh greens. I know it's too soon but I'm still hopeful that next week’s market run will surprise me with some fresh strawberries.



Blackberry Pie Smoothie Bowl

Blackberry Pie Smoothie Bowl


Makes 1 smoothie bowl

Prep time

Active time:

Total time:

How it's made

1 banana


Place all in a blender and blend until fully integrated, about 1 minute. Place in a bowl.

1 cup blackberries, frozen or fresh

1 cup spinach, washed and dried

1 cup almond milk

½ cup oats

1 tbsp hemp protein or hemp hearts

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 pitted dates

Pumpkin seeds


Sprinkle over the smoothie.



Helpful tips

This smoothie is best eaten right away. If you’re not able to, place in the fridge and eat later that same day. As the smoothie sits, it will change the color because of the bananas and the spinach, but will still taste great.